The Adventure of the Runaway Room / The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro

The Adventure of the Runaway Room / The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro

Art by Tryphena

“What you do in this world is a matter of no consequence… The question is what can you make people believe you have done.” ― Sherlock Holmes

It’s been almost 9 months since we released our last episode, much longer than we planned. But we have quite a lot to show for the time we spent, and the double release is only the beginning: as some of you may already know, you can now play The Great Ace Attorney on your Android phone or tablet! This is mostly thanks to our new member, an-error, who worked like a machine to get this ready in a remarkably short time while also allowing us to improve our 3DS version with his findings. Of course, he was not the only one hard at work…

Through a joint effort, nearly all of the graphics and art already touched by our translation have been revisited and polished up to a whole new level of professionalism. Most notably, we can’t thank the Fan Translators International team enough for their reverse engineering efforts – because of them, we were able to design a wonderful typeface that blends readability with a touch of 20th-century classicism.

The title of Episode 4 might confuse you. Kokoro is the Japanese word for mind, heart or spirit – so why did we not translate it as that? Kokoro is also the title of one of the works of Souseki Natsume, the very first actual person to appear in an Ace Attorney game. Souseki is often considered one of the greatest writers of Japanese modern history, famously being featured on the ¥1.000 note. Since the word means more than just heart and was also untranslated for the English adaptation of the novel, we felt it best to keep it the way it was for our translation.

A briefly considered title change

This release also marks our change to UK English. Not only did we move to BE spelling rules, we also tried to use UK proverbs, figures of speech and even gave some characters distinctive accents. Our British members made sure that we didn’t botch this limeyfication, so we wouldn’t bring shame to Queen and country.

Some of you might be disappointed that we don’t support the iOS version of DGS for iPhone/iPad. We would love to do that, and to be honest – this was the first version an-error got to work as a proof of concept (though it was never polished or finished). The problem was: how would we release it? End-users would need to jailbreak their phone just to dump the unencrypted binary and install the modified game. This is a big security risk and hassle most users will not take nowadays. The tight security model of iOS is just too inconvenient for a fan translation.

DGS DroidsArt by Tryphena

To make things easy for our new Android users, we made an app called IrisMobile. After you’ve bought the game from the Japanese PlayStore (tutorial here), you only have to download and install IrisMobile and it will download the patch and install it for you automatically. For your convenience it will also display our translation notes. We had to remove the Play Games cloud saving feature from DGS because it stops working once the binary is patched. To remedy this, the savegames are now redirected to the internal SD card, in the ScarletStudy folder, so you can back them up yourself.

Despite all the work going into the Android port, we certainly didn’t forget our 3DS users – you’ll be happy to know that we have streamlined the 3DS installation process to be just as easy as our Android releases. As always, you can find the updated translation notes in the E-Manual for your convenience.

You can download the new release here on our Download page – please do not rehost or publish pre-patched versions.

At the very least, it’s a sure bet that we won’t need another 9 months to release Episode 5 – the case may be extra-long, but our new translators have already put in an exceptional amount of work! Enjoy the preview for it while you wait… and watch out for more surprises!

65 thoughts on “The Adventure of the Runaway Room / The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro

  1. Thank you for making this! You guys truly saved the day with episodes 3-4 and Android port! Excited for AAI2 on Android. Godspeed!

    1. I believe that AAI2 already had a english patch but you have to download a ds simulator to run it, it’s worth it tho.

      The only thing i’m waiting is the TGA (The Great Ace Attorney) which i’m excited for its cases and mechanics on Logical reasoning.

      (P.s. You’re gonna appreciate Gumshoe in AAI2, there has been huge improvements for him and i’m very proud of it!).

  2. Frankly, I cannot believe the progress you’re making after that episode 2 hiatus. Two cases, an Android port and an AAI2 port translation? You guys do too much. Thank you for all your hard work.

  3. Wow…just wow…I cannot begin to thank this community of fan translators for their excellent work .I absolutely loved the AAI2 translation on the DS. It was flawless. I hope you guys never overwork yourselves and i am sure their are other priorities for everyone of you.Just know that we are always and forever will be greatful for all of your enthusiasm and hardwork.

  4. Yes!! Getting the game on android is a lot easier than having to install all of the stuff on my 3DS and actually buying the game physically from japan. I can’t wait to give this a go later 😀

    Thank you all!

  5. First off, I’m sorry for not being able to play your adaptation (I believe that’s the most accurate description to your work), but video gameplays are funny as well, right? I trust that if your work were to be analyzed by any Nintendo or Capcom staff, on the very least, the work itself would be treated as official content. I look forward to “The Adventure of The Unspeakable Story” with the same excitement that I did thus far, and wish to provide as many support as I am able to.

  6. You guys have done a hell of a good job. I’m excited to start playing the game finally after all this time from the hard work and effort from your whole team.

    As an aside, is there any upcoming news in regards to auditions for the dub you guys had mentioned? (i definitely haven’t been checking the site daily on the off chance i swear)

  7. This is fantastic; thanks a lot for all your hard work! I have the game on 3DS, but I’m likely going to grab the Android version as well, and that’ll be rather piquant. 🙂

    I wasn’t able to help with the project this time around, but I’ve been steadily improving my Japanese knowledge over the last year. Hopefully by the time a DGS2 translation comes around, I’ll be able to help with that.

    Meanwhile however, I’ll look forward to both playing this and the release of episode 5. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  8. Hey Scarlet Study!

    I just finished episode 3 and I’d like to thank you all for your time and work! The way how some characters were written, especially Gina, was wonderful. I am excited to play episode 4 and the quality of the translation is very high.

    I’m excited to see more of your works. Again, Thank you for making this awesome game available to English speakers!

  9. Hi everyone!

    First: thank you teamfor the release! You guys are doing an amazing job and I couldn’t be happier! 😀

    That being said, I wanted to purchase the japanese android version, but I wanted to know if my phone is compatible first, it is an samsung SM-J701M, is there a way to check it out?

    1. Yes, as stated in the Purchasing Guide, you can try the app for around 15 minutes and get a full refund if you return it (as in uninstall it) within that time frame. We got reports that the refund window may be even longer, but to be save try to test it withing this time.

      Another way to know would be if other 3D Ace Attorney games work on your phone. If Dual Destinies or Spirit of Justice work, so should DGS.


        I thought these games were on another level, but spirit of justice worked flawlessly

        Thank you so much!

  10. Are there any reports on the DGS patch on Android not working after uninstalling the game? I’m having that issue at the moment. “Couldn’t backup the “The Great Ace Attorney” data.”

      1. Hi uwabami,

        Thanks for the help. I tried again several times and it just started working. For the record, I am using Andy OS emulator (bought the game, of course).

        In the future, I’ll refer to the issue tracker.

  11. Amazing!! Congratulations for such an important project so well carried out!

    Looking forward to hear more about you guys! It is a little step to be finished! 🙂

  12. To be honest, I can’t say I care much for the Android version, even moreso if it delays a would-be 3DS-only release.

    Still, amazing work. I can’t wait to play the full game and its sequel

    1. You don’t need to use the Android version. Different teams are working on translation and reverse engineering. Releases happen when we think we’re ready.

    2. Seeing as how it is a cheaper option and easier to install, I’d say it’s not a bad idea. I had been holding on playing the translation due to the chore of hacking my 3DS, and actually finding a physical copy somewhere. Now I’m finally able to play it, and the android version with BlueStacks looks really gorgeous and plays excellent.

      So while I understand your sentiment, I think it has definite value.

  13. Heya guys! I have an issue right now.

    So, I purchased the game as instructed, played it untranslated and it worked fine, and waited the 15 minutes, but when I ran IrisMobile, the game was uninstalled and I was refunded the game, and when I went to run it, it said that I couldn’t use the game because it didn’t match the account I used to buy it.

    So I uninstalled the game by uninstalling the icon, and tried redownloading it but it looks like the game data from the patch was still in my phone… I deleted some things to redownload the game and once it was on my phone again, tried running IrisMobile but… it said the patch was up to date, despite having the untranslated game on my phone. Is there a way to fix it?

    Like, deleting the files that IrisMobile downloaded or something?

    1. On your internal SD card should be a folder called “ScarletStudy”. Inside is another folder “IrisMobile”. Delete that folder and Iris will reset.

  14. Hey guys!

    I finished episode 3&4 and I have a question. You guys mentioned you’d write characters based on their personality. Did you guys rewrite parts of episode 1 & 2 to match their personalities?
    Thank you very much for all the work! And good luck with the coming episodes

    1. Of course. They were edited for other reasons as well, every release brings bug fixes and spelling/grammar improvements for all episodes.

  15. Thank you so so much for all your hard work! I’ve just purchased a copy so excitedly about to check out the 3DS patch. I’m very happy to hear you’ve used British English, and to see the word barrister being used instead of attorney! I actually work for a criminal barrister’s chambers in London so if you have any queries about terminology that might be used feel free to message me 🙂

  16. I love you guys.
    I been checking your site on and off a lot and I have to be frank and thank you guys for surprisingly big update you did for this game.

    Your translation patch is one of the highlights of this year and the final translation of this game is one thing I truly anticipate while not caring much for many new releases or even official rerelases. You guys do very great job.

  17. A fan from Spain here.

    I could play your AAI:2 translation on my DS and was wowed with the monstrous job you did there. Even dubbing the Objections, was like a dream to play.

    But then, searching in agony if there was a project to translate DGS, I found this.

    It took me just 10 secs to order it from and prepare my 3DS with CFW just to play it. Having the real thing in cartridge and being able to play episode 1 to 4 in English was really enough to be worth it. I’m only at the beginning of Ep. 2, but what you’ve done up until now can’t be just labeled as a mere translation or localization, it’s a work of art, love an passion for the series that can be noticed from every line, and every little detail that has been localized.

    It’s so damn good that if I were a CAPCOM executive I would feel really ashamed of what fans can accomplish on their own.

    Really guys, keep up the good work, and all my kudos to you.

    Is there a way to donate to support your work?

    1. Thank you for your praise 🙂

      We can’t take any donations for legal reasons, but we’re happy you like our work! Speaking of which: some of our members also worked on the AAI2 team, but this is a new team.

  18. I bought the game for the 3ds and android because it is just that awesome!!

    hank you so much you guys, eagerly awaiting the final episode 🙂

  19. I really enjoyed playing the game with your translation, I am looking forward to the fifth episode.
    Sad thing that Shu Takumi still hasn’t learned from problems that were already present in the Phoenix Wright trilogy such as multiple evidence can be presented at multiple statements, but only one is correct and the poor pacing of the trial in the fourth episode to increase its length.
    The juridical system feels like things are coming to a halt when in reality the truth continues to be uncovered, but it still feels bad.
    The witnesses are looking like in the Phoenix Wright vs Layton game with their reduced level of detail but still exaggerated faces and I really didn’t like that game except for the few trials that were in it.

  20. Hi, I just found out about this project and wow, you guys are awesome! I was actually searching for AAI2 mobile related stuff and came across you. Damn impressive! I know it’s still a ways off, but I’m really looking forward to the end results.

    I’m not really versed in the GAA1/2 stuff so I can’t comment on that, but as far as AAI2 goes, do you have any bigger changes planned to the existing fantranslation? Changes to character names or sth similar? The existing FT had a couple names that could have much better alternatives for the same pun.

    eg, ‘Patricia Roland’, the warden character. The joke is “Patrol”, but the name itself has too many sylables for the joke to work. Atleast that’s what I feel. But you can make the same pun work with other names. One alternative I came up with would be ‘Patty Rolls’. Maintains the brevity of the Japanese name (Mari Miwa), similar form, single vowel, followed by a double consonant. Patty is a variant of Patricia, Rolls is an old English family name most associated with Rolls-Royce luxury cars. Kinda stumbled into this one by accident, but I became quite fond of it.

    There’s a couple others that could do with an update. Justine Courtney. ‘Justine’ is fine, but ‘Courtney’ doesn’t really match the look of the character. I get the pun is ‘just in court’, but Courtney is a really plain name for the main rival. That’s just a couple I have from memory.

    I think the FT had a few instances of weird Japanese-y english in them aswell, but I don’t have any memorised. So any plans along those lines?

    Anyways, I’ll keep you guys bookmarked from now on. It will take a while but this project is shaping up the a great one! Cheers!

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply.
      We do not plan to make any substantial changes to the script, i.e. we plan on fixing some typos or weird grammar, but nothing beyond that so far.
      This is not our translation, even though some of our members also worked on AAI2 – so anything more than fixing grammar and typos should be done by the original team (which we are in contact with to some extent).

  21. As a fan of Ace Attorney and have been for about 5 years, this fan translation is an amazing breath of fresh air. I was just recently able to pick up this game for my Android phone, and I’ve got to say, it ran really well, despite my phone being a cheap $40 budget phone (Of course, this is thanks to the people at Capcom who port the games). While playing this game, I had little to no problems with the game or the translation itself. The only problem I had was that the game crashed before an animated cutscenes, but this was probably a problem on my phone’s side. Other than that, this fan translation is amazing, and I truly cant wait for it to be done and you guys (and gals) start The Great Ace Attorney 2, because I know, after playing this translation, that it will be amazing. Thank you for the service you have done for this fanbase.

  22. Keep up the good work guys!! Only one more episode to go, right? I’ve been patiently patiently pati– pat pat pat PATIENTLY patiently papapapatiently waiting for all of the the episodes to be finished before I start the game at all!!

    ?.. What?.. No, I’m not going crazy from the wait… Why do you ask?….

    Anywho, I really do hope it’s not as long this time to finish this last episode as it was for the last ones. I also heard there’s even a SECOND game in this series!! Of course it’d be cruel to ask you to get on that one as soon as you’re done with this one, but what I’m curious about is whether or not the experience and even assets from this one could help speed up the work with the second one. I guess it depends how much changed in the second one.

    Anywhy, thanks for all your hard work and I’m looking forward to the completed project!

    Sincerely, Nonyabizness the First.

    1. They’ve already said they’ll tackle the second one after(or at the same time as) the AAI2 android port.
      Apparently it uses an improved version of the same engine, so some of the work here translates there!

      1. Let me clarify this. Work on DGS2 has already started, since we always work on more than one episode at a time. The AAI2 Android port is a side project with lower priority.

  23. Hello there! PHENOMENAL JOB what you’re doing guys!

    Two questions if you don’t mind:
    1) If it’s not in 9 months, could we have an estimate on Episode 5’s release date please?!

    2) Any plans on the second game?!

  24. This work is amazing! Thank you for translating the game as it is, Dai Gyakuten Saiban really is a beautiful game and I’m so happy I can have my own experience playing it on my Android! :’) I can’t wait for Episode 5 and DGS 2. These projects are a great feature and I wish I can donate just to give you guys more support. Your work is greatly appreciated.

  25. Playing in British English sounds like a pain in the ass ..
    Non native English speakers are going to have issues, heck I work as an interpreter for 7 years and even I sometimes have to make a run to the dictionary.
    So playing in Britain English full of odd expressions I never heard of will be nothing but a chore.
    So please leave an American English option otherwise the game will be barely understandable for anyone outside the United kingdom and US ( since you are familiar with the accent and all )
    It might not sound like much to you, but for people who learn English as a second language (millions of PW fans in the Americas and Europe ) that’s one damn tall barrier you’re building.
    I’m happy you guys are translating it, and you guys are doing great work, but dang was that a cold shower on my expectations.
    I’ll just play the episode 1 and 2 patch and I guess that will be it because trying to understand British English, which I’m not familiar with at all outside of the dragon quest games (and even then struggle a bit to understand some stuff ) and I don’t have the time to keep checking what everything means.
    I don’t mean you should simplify the translation because of this, an American English option really would be the best

    1. You should try it before you bash it. It’s not like we made it Monthy Python presents DGS, the vast majority of characters sounds the same, we just use UK spelling and grammar rules. There are a few characters that have (or will get) an accent, like Gina for instance. But we made sure not to lay it on too thick. Even if you don’t understand a word she would use, the context would make it crystal clear.

      But again, try it and you will see it’s not the way you imagined it in your mind. Oh, and lots of our members are not native speakers of English, including me.

    2. I think you’re exaggerating. I am Dutch, so English is my second language. There were like three/four words I didn’t know, but that’s just because I’m still young and learning through university.
      This translation is very understandable and most importantly: enjoyable!

      1. Dude just play the game im from puerto rico and learned basic english and i completely understand the game its freaking great!

        There is always a dictionary if you dont understand a word

  26. You don’t have the time to check some words in the dictionary? I am sure the Team doesn’t have time to translate the game in american english.
    Such egoism. UK isn’t that much different than US. You should thankful for a translation at all, they are doing excellent work.

  27. Honestly disappointed that iPhone users won’t get to have the glory. Just as disappointed that Jailbreak tools are not easy to make nowadays and also the fact that it is not easy to do Untethered ones. The last one ever was iOS 9.0.1 before the Semi-Untethered Era comes into play.

    At least I get to play the Android version via IrisMobile. Just have to wait some more chapters to fully enjoy the games.

  28. I bought a copy of DGS about half a year ago now, when it was clear that within the year I’d probably be able to play the full game, and after I rebought a 3DS in preparation for that with Christmas money I caved and put in all the effort to get the patch set up. I intended to only play the first case, to get a taste, but as I’m sure y’all could expect, best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

    So, I’ve played through everything released so far, and I couldn’t possibly overstate the quality of the work y’all have put in. An extremely errant awkward phrasing, at most, which I’d expect out of any translation/localization, official or otherwise. The characters have such clear voices and manners of speaking, is what especially impressed me; that’s the kind of subtle nuance that is super hard to preserve without overdoing it, but y’all managed splendidly.

    I imagine y’all will keep your cards close to your chest until the big day comes for the final case, but just know that I and many, many other people await that day with bated breath. I think about it literally every day. I don’t mean this all to pressure you, but to communicate what a gift you’ve given us all and I hope you know how thankful we are. Thank you!

  29. Hi! I was on here looking for updates about the AAI2 Android patch. Has this been cancelled? I swear it was on this blog post where it was announced but it looks like it has been edited out.
    I ended up buying DGS for Android. Such a great translation. Keep it up guys, you are fantastic!

    1. Thanks! The port of the AAI2 fan translation to Android is not cancelled, we just couldn’t give it enough attention yet. We’re still committed to finishing it, though.

      1. Fantastic, glad to hear it! Yeah I can understand why it isn’t prioritised over DGS1/2 since AAI2 is already playable at least. Looking forward to all projects being realised though!

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