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“I ought to know by this time that when a fact appears to be opposed to a long train of deductions it invariably proves to be capable of bearing some other interpretation.” โ€• Sherlock Holmes, “A Study in Scarlet”



Hey boys and girls, it’s time for some pretty great news and some suboptimal news. First off, the pretty great news: it’s release time. The Great Ace Attorney is complete and we’re here to offer…the 3DS release. For now. This is the suboptimal news: due to some issues – unforeseen, as they often are – we’re not quite ready to toss out an Android release yet. But rest assured that we’ll have it out very soon; we just couldn’t hold in the 3DS release any longer because we’ve been buzzing about this for a while.


So, here are some things included in this (3DS!) release:
– A fully translated script, complete with all UI stuff and credits in English.
– A vast rewrite of episodes 1 and 2, with the number of ellipses cut down hard.
– Some miscellaneous fixes throughout the game.

In order to update your 3DS installation of The Great Ace Attorney, you’ll have to download the new patch files and the new patcher from the Github release (see the bottom of this post). That last part is important, so don’t skip it, please.

As for the Android release, we’ll be making a new, small post when that’s ready. But users who already have IrisMobile installed can just check it once in a while over the next few days, and it should let you know when there’s a new release out.

Here’s a list of things to be included in a future “fix all the things we messed up” release:
– Some missing minor features, like the 3DS’s manual feature.
– Corrections on whatever issues are sure to pop up after I submit this post.
– MORE removed ellipses, woo!

Script work in TGAA2 is moving at a breakneck pace compared to previous episodes, so unless someone important gets hit by a bus, hopefully me or someone else will be writing up another one of these lame release posts soon.

Big thanks to the following individuals, groups, and communities:

Fan Translators International


Download the 3DS Full Game Release

By the way, we’re looking for another ARM/Android reverse engineer or two to help us out with TGAA2. Contact us if you’re interested!

86 thoughts on “3DS-Only Full Game Release – ANDROID SLIGHTLY DELAYED

  1. Thank you so much! I’ve been checking this site daily for 2 months and finally it’s happening. You bring happiness to the world.

  2. Finally!

    Thank you for the all the hard work. ๐Ÿ˜ I’m eagerly waiting for the Android release though.

  3. It has been a long journey playing through DGS and finally being able to finish it is just mind blowing, thanks to all of the team for their hard work and excellent translation efforts, canโ€™t wait to live through this again with DGS 2

  4. You guys are LEGENDS. Thank you for all your hard work! I’ve jumped on the hype train a bit late but god I’m so excited to finally try this game out!

  5. Words cannot even BEGIN to describe how happy I am that a fully translated version of this game is finally playable.

    Seriously you guys, from the bottom of my heart: thank you.

  6. Seriously guys, thank you so much for your work. I’ve waiting this for year and it’s finally here thanks to you! Can’t wait for the android version for that 1080p.

  7. You guys are legends! Thank you SO much!!! Your effort has been phenomenal to this community. Let’s hope that when the Trilogy re-releases on Steam, more people will play the series and this!

    Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  8. FINALLY!! THANK YOU SCARLET STUDY FOR TRANSLATING THE FULL GAME! It’s all thanks to you guys that we fans are able to understand DGS’s story! thank you for all your hard work!

  9. Thanks a bunch, really !!
    You guys also made me play Investigations 1 and 2 as I waited for the full, and I don’t regret it, they’re very good games.
    The funny thing is I finshed GK2 this wednesday, so I did it just in time ^^.
    Let’s get back to the Ace Attorney hype train !

  10. Thank you so much for this ! I can’t believe this is finally happening, you guys are the best !
    Best of luck for DGS2 and again thank you !!!

  11. By the way, at the beginning, there’s a missing word in the sentence “how about we it ?” said by Naruhodo.
    Don’t wanna say the exact location to avoid spoilers, but it’s in the place you enter after leaving Mr Holmes’ house at the very beginning, when examining a certain “machine”

  12. Thank you guys soo much for all the hard work you’ve put into this translation, I will cherish every moment of it!

  13. Hi! First I want to thank you guys for this amazing fantrad! I am truly grateful for all your hard work!
    But unfortunately I am not able to apply this patch on citra, does anyone have the same issue?

    1. Sorry, we can’t help you with Citra. It’s possible, but we don’t support it for legal reasons. The game does run in Android emulators for PC though.

  14. Hi! First of all, thank you so much for this patch. You guys are the best!

    I have purchased the game in advance in the Play Store and I opened it just to see if it works, but there’s a red overlay on the left that’s pushing the screen to the right.

    Does anyone know how to get rid of it? I fear that my phone might just not be compatible with the app (Pixel 2 XL)

    1. Look for the “full screen” dialogue in your settings app. Set DGS to “full screen” and it should work. Let me know if it doesn’t.

      1. Hey, sorry if I sound ignorant but I can’t find a Full Screen option in my Android settings. Is there something I’m missing?

    1. Since the patch is an update, it will be overwritten by the new version. Don’t uninstall or you will lose your save game.

  15. Aaaah yes!

    There are not enough thanks for you in this world to show how grateful am I to you for doing this!

  16. Thank you so much for the efforts! Thougt I wouldn’t play it but big thank you to you guys! I’ll be waiting for the android :)) Keep it up guys!

  17. Thank you so much for all your time and hard work that’s gone into this release, and all the releases to come. I can’t wait to finally try out this game!

  18. Thank you for all the time and hard work that’s gone into this release, and all the releases to come. Can’t wait to play this.

  19. You are the men! We love you so much for your efforts, thanks from my and from the entire AA community.

  20. thank you very much,it’s like a dream true!
    I am so excited to finally play this!!!

    keep rocking!thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Since you mentioned errors pointed out by the community…Iris, at the start of Investigation 2: โ€œWeโ€™re going to have very special guest!โ€

    Hope this helps and isnโ€™t annoying. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  22. Amazing Work! Though I am kind of sad now as I have finally completed the whole game (The final episode was a lot longer than I thought). The translation only has one minor bug (Backlogs will be blank sometimes but easily fixable by saving and loading again to display the text). I can not wait for the translation for the sequel but I think it would be completed most likely next year or the year after but I do not mind at all as the wait would be worth it.

  23. An incredible achievement, well done!

    Do you think this game’s DLC will ever be translated, or is it impossible?

    1. DLC might be possible but out of region DLC is a little tricky to set up sometimes but Lets wait and see what the translators have to say.

  24. This is such good news!! Will you be releasing a playthrough of the entire game now that the translation is finished?

  25. Thank you so much for this translation!

    I’ve worked on the AAI English to German fan translation, so I know how much work this is and I really appreciate your efforts to bring us this quality work.

    Looking forward to your TGAA2 releases and best of luck!

  26. Awesome! Thank you for all of your hard work guys!! It’s because of you that we get a chance to experience another great AA game!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. I expect the sequel to be finished by the end of the month, but no pressure.

    …. o__o

  27. Thank you guys so so much, I don’t how to express my gratitude and I’ll wait patiently for the Android version ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. I’ve just finished the final episode and it was so worth the wait. Many thanks and I’m really looking forward to DGS2 considering the ending. Good luck!

  29. Hey, just wanted to say that I really appreciate the work you guys are putting in this fan translation. I’m really enjoying the game and wouldn’t even be able to play it without you guys. Keep up the fantastic work!

  30. Was that it? Ugh, what a cliffhanger… That mustโ€™ve been the worst Case 5 in the history of the series. Damn Capcom…

    Anyway, great work. Canโ€™t wait for DGS2.

  31. I just finished the game and all of you did an amazing job on this!
    Thank you very much for everything you’ve done, I’ll be waiting for DGS2, good luck with everything!

  32. I haven’t been checking often, but I found missing dialogue at the backlog in chapter 2, investigation 2, when talking with Hosonaga about the shoe polish. The last thing that appears is Hosonaga saying: “I haven’t the foggiest […] made my head spin.”

    P.D.: For some reason after I advanced some text (way after the section with no backlog) parts of the missing backlog started appearing, with Susato saying “……..” and then Naruhodou’s name in a darker shade than the others.
    It looks like the log is being written, but a slower pace than it should.

  33. I noticed that the translation used in the game is slightly different than the translation used in the youtube translation. Although the youtube translation is much more literal at translating, I enjoyed more playing this translated game. Each dialouge really reflects each person’s personality. But there is just one issue that concerns me. For the witness in chapter 5, isnt his name supposed to be crogley or krogrey, not chogray?

    1. We only used the YT translation as a reference for the first two episodes, and even then, we heavily edited and fixed it. Since Episode 3, the translation is entirely our own. About Chrogray: there is no definite way to romanize words written in Kana if the latin writing was not defined. All of the ones you named could be valid as well, but since his name is a play on “black and white” we settled on “Chrogray”, because it at least still keeps the color motif in his name.

  34. Sorry to be a dunce, but how do I play this? I’m not very technically skilled. Do I have to upload it somehow to my 3DS, or can I run it off an app on my computer?

    1. See the Download page for instructions for each system. But you need Custom Firmware and the original Game Card imported from Japan if you want to play it on 3DS or buy it on Google PlayStore if you want to play it on Android (which can be emulated on PC).

  35. These are excellent projects and I like it you are so ready to go onto making 2nd one right away.

    Very good work. These types of projects much like games and movies themselves are small miracles. Very amazed I was when I obtained my modified PS3 and find out that the same week team behind Vesperia PS3 translation was done with their project, which was amazing project in it’s own right. Even now I remember that project very warmly even though I hold a official release on switch that makes that patch largely unneeded now.

    This project has been a great stride to look happen, much like Inverstigations 2 I feel that DGS will be a Great game on it’s own right that the work you all have put into it is what makes it for normal English speaking gamers to enjoy.

    Thank you again for all, and see you on your next update hopefully!

  36. Playing through Ep 4 right now, this is amazing. Great work, I am so thankful to you guys it’s hard to even put into words :’)

  37. Just played through the first chapter. Extremely impressed with the script writing. Absolutely loved the wordings used with Asougi where he uses a wide range of vocabulary and sharp tones in court, but uses a much friendly tone when directing to Naruhodou. This is an amazing translation and I will look forward to completing the game.

  38. Best news ever! I’m so excited to play this.

    I’m curious about the implied ellipsis drama……………………

  39. Hey,
    I want to give a big thank you to the entire team for allowing AA fans from all over the world to experience this game! It has been a blast playing and I repeatedly was amazed by how much effort and polish went into the translation, from the font choices to the implementation in pieces of evidence and so on.
    I only noticed a very minor misspelling in regards to the name of the hospital in the final episode , but you’re probably already aware of that.

    Once again, thank you so much for your service to the community. If there is any way to support the cause, please let me know!

  40. I just finished the game! Thank you so much for this translation, I had a blast playing this game!

  41. It was fantastic! Thank you so much for all the hard work and know how much others must have enjoyed playing this game!!

  42. I found about this project a few days ago, and I’m now successfully playing through the 2nd case. The feeling of having a new AA game to play is so exhilarating! Thank you so, so much!

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