3DS Only: DGS 2: The Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney & The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro

3DS Only: DGS 2: The Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney & The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro

Art by Tryphena

“Accustomed as I was to my friend’s amazing powers in the use of disguises, I had to look three times before I was certain that it was indeed he.” – Dr John Watson, A Scandal in Bohemia

Hello, everyone!

Happy holidays from everyone at Scarlet Study! I’m pleased to announce that our patch for DGS 2 episodes 1 and 2 are now available for 3DS! We hope that you’ll enjoy it as a special present from us! You can download the patch here!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Android patch has been slightly delayed, but we are anticipating that it will release soon!

In the meantime, if you need a refresher on what happened in DGS 1, there’s a cute little animated recap series that has been translated by Shobrisu! Otherwise, if you just feel like playing DGS1 through again, we’ve been back through it and given it a little touch up! You can grab the updates here. Don’t forget about our British Glossary and translation notes, too, which have also been updated for the new release.

But there’s even more news! We also have a brand-new Twitter account! We will be posting all sorts of tidbits here, and it’ll be an easy way to get in touch, check if we have any updates, and to see that we’re not dead! And, last but not least, we are now opening up recruitment! Specifically, we are looking for more translators and editors. If you’d like to join us, please sign up using the form. If we’re interested, we’ll contact you back via Discord.

Well, that’s all for now! Wishing you all the best for the holidays and the new year!

77 thoughts on “3DS Only: DGS 2: The Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney & The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro

  1. Thank you so much , i dont want to be picky but the flow of the text is slow , are you planning on fixing that ? sorry for my english ! Much Love to the team !

  2. Thank you so much , i dont want to be picky but the flow of the text is slow , are you planning on fixing that ? sorry for my english ! Much Love to the team !

  3. OMG! Time ago I reported a type error for DGS1 and today I received an automatic email that the post was close and I noticed that the patch for DGS1 was updated. So I went here and I find this great news! Thanks! But I’ll wait for the full game. Don’t wanna play just the first 2 chapter and then have to wait xD

  4. Thank you so much for this!! I screamed a little when I saw it lol. Just finished playing them both, Case 1 was great and I think Case 2 is my favourite AA case period, a testament to the work you’ve put in to make it amazing!

  5. I simply CANNOT wait to finally play DGS2 (had the sealed import copy waiting on the shelf just for this day). But I must admit, I still haven’t completed DGS 1 (>_<). So first things first…

  6. I so appreciate the effort and the amount of work you peeps have gone into making this happen! If not for you guys a LOT of people wouldn’t get to experience these amazing games.

    However, as an Android user I can’t help but feel like we’re getting shafted whilst 3DS users keep getting to play straight away with each release – I get that this was a Christmas present and it’s not an intentional thing to leave out a section of the community, but if it’s not ready to be released for everyone should it be released at all?

    It’s been a week and I’m personally doing everything I can to avoid spoilers but it’s hard when you follow a lot of AA accounts on social media. Just something to consider for future patch releases. Thank you again truly

    1. The Android version is ready and we fully intended to release it together with the 3DS version. We did hit a few last minute issues with the Android patcher though and we didn’t want to delay the release any further. It’s unfortunate that our Android users have to wait a little longer, but this was not our intention and we didn’t want to hold back a finished release on 3DS. It’s been a week because the time between the end of December and the beginning of January is especially busy in some cultures our members live in – maybe in yours as well? It will be released as soon as we can manage to do it.

  7. No rush of course, but even if it will be some time before the rest of the release, we could use some updates 🙂

  8. I’m gonna wait till the full translation is out. I can’t wait to play this. I hope no problem occurs during the translation and my thanks to all members in the Scarlet Study family for giving me an opportunity to play DGS games in English through their hard work.

      1. So glad I have the opportunity to play the patch but will the theater episodes be included in the final release?

  9. That’s good news ! (Yeah I’m late)
    By the way are the patches compatible with the DGS1&2 special version ? I did not see any mention of it so I ask here.
    Thanks for the hard work !!

  10. Hey thanks so much for this, you really are doing God’s work. So you know how last year the January blog post stated some “goals” for the year ahead. Do you think you really have any new sort of goals for the year, or just the same of working on DGS 2? Thanks again.

  11. Any new issues found with the Android release? The comments from you guys implied it was a small issue so wouldn’t take too long but it’s been nearly a month, not saying this to pester but just curious as to some other issue?


    1. Unfortunately, I don’t know either. It could be fixed tomorrow or in a few weeks – depends on the person who’s working on it.

      1. Ah, okay. Let me know if you need any more help with the Android version – I’m a software engineer myself and I would love to give back to this awesome project.

  12. HI ! And thank you for your great work ! Reading your instuctions to use Luma I saw that at the end you end up with a file called “DGS2-English-v2.X.X.cia”. And I was wondering if it was possible to post it here in this format ? If not blatantly impossible. This format would really help us who play it on Pc using Citra.

    1. As stated in the FAQ, we do not support piracy and/or 3DS emulators. If you want to play on your PC, you should use an Android emulator and buy the Android version of DGS. Works much better to boot. Also: if it was legally possible for us to post the CIA, we would definitely do that. Why do you think we’d go through the trouble of making a patcher if we didn’t have to?

  13. Hi, i know you would say “when it’s done” but can you give us an idea of how long it will take to trad the 5 stories ? No need to be specific, it’s just to stop me to check every week with hope^^

    Oh and thank you for the first game, it was really fun =)

  14. To all the people working on this game for the international fans I thank you so so much. I can’t tell you how happy I was to discover that the game got translated. I just finished the first DGS and I’m gonna wait patiently until you release the full translation for the second game.

  15. Just bought the 1st game for my b-day (April) and can’t wait to play it! I will be buying the second game for Christmas hoping it will be done sometime then or next year.

    Anyways, just wanted to really thank y’all for allowing me and everyone else to play these beautiful games. I told myself for a couple of years I was cool without playing them, but then I saw this project and I imported my first Japanese game! (hurrah!) Thanks one last time!

  16. I just finished DGS1 and the translation is fantastic; I can’t imagine Capcom doing any better themselves. Looking forward to playing DGS2 on Android when it’s ready. Thanks so much for your amazing work!

  17. Currently playing the 1st game, and it’s amazing, i just wanna say thank you guys for the work put in both games! Can’t wait for the 2nd to be complete! <3

  18. Just going through the last case of the first one and I’m amazed at the job you guys did.
    Thanks a lot and good on the second game!

  19. Thanks for this! Just finished playing through episode 2. Out of curiosity I started episode 3 to see what would happen, and it played the opening scene as usual with Japanese audio and English text, up until the end of the scene, the teleportation device exploded, it said The End in the bottom right hand corner, then took me back to the main menu. I am playing using a purchased game card, and wondering if this is some kind of anti piracy measure or a way to prevent players outside the Japan region to play it? Curious if anyone else has experienced this.

    1. No, this is a preview for Episode 3. We always allow players to view the intro of the next episode in our releases. They are non-interactive and end just like you described.

  20. I just finished playing the first one, and I can’t believe how much the characters and story captured me, even when I went in thinking I would totally miss Phoenix and Apollo. But it’s all thanks to you and your work that I got to even experience it in the first place!!!

    On a side note, is there any kind or planned release date for the rest of the chapters of the second game? Is there something us fans can do to help you? PayPal donations, etc?

    Thanks again!

    1. We don’t do estimates, since we don’t know either – and since this is a fan project, we do not take donations. But we’re happy you like our work 🙂

  21. I like this series more than original phoenix wright maybe because sherlock holmes great deduction, is so funny

    1. That may be true, but at least I replied to someone who took the time ask us a question. I didn’t reply that way to be a dick, I honestly don’t know. This is a volunteer project.

  22. Heyo, just finished the first game that you guys translated on android, super keen to see what the second game is gonna be like – thank you guys heaps for making such an amazing translation, I forgot it was even a fan translation until the end because of the quality and it was clearly a huge effort! Thank you so much!

  23. Hello! I know you don’t give estimates on how long you guys need to actually translate the game since it is a fan project. But I would like to know which episode are you currently translating right now in dgs2? Once again thank you for what you do!

  24. Thank you so much for your translation!
    I love all the Ace Attorney games, but this game has to be my favorite. The humor is fantastic and the characters are incredibly lovable.
    The lockdown has really started to put me down, but this game (and your great translation) has made me feel so much better
    Many greetings from Germany

  25. Looks like it’d been a year without an update to the main project and vague responses for updates. I think I’m done checking up on this. Should’ve spent that time learning Japanese. Either way I enjoy what was completed, you guys did a great job. Thanks 🙂

    1. Dude, checking this site every day is not an excuse to not having spent time to learn japanese. checking this site daily takes literally 1 minute per day max. If you try spending 1 min per day learning japanese maybe you will learn kana after 1 year.

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