PlayStore updates

PlayStore updates

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CAPCOM has pushed updates for both DGS1+2 on PlayStore today to address changes in the GooglePlay service, screen issues on certain devices and unspecified further issues. This breaks our patch, please don’t update and/or patch until further notice while we investigate.

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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for translating the first one and I’m willing to wait for the full translation of dgs2. Means a lot that this is being translated in the first place since there doesn’t seem to be any future plans of an official translation of dgs1-2 from capcom at the moment. It’s a lovely fan translation and as an ace attorney fan, thank you again.

  2. Words cannot express from the bottom of my heart how thankful I am for the fantastic translation work and transition to the Android version you’ve all put for the first Dai Gyakuten Saiban game. Although I understand this situation with the recent updates has got to mean the team must be pretty busy with optimizing both games’ Android ports I wanted to give thanks for all the effort you’ve all put in these complicated times and am very eager to play your current stunning translation work of the second game once the Android version has been optimized. Thank you again for all your hard work!

  3. Hello and thanks for the all the work y’all have put into this project! I had the game and patch installed on an old phone but just installed it on my new phone, so as you pointed out the patch isn’t working. Does anyone know of a way to install an old version of the DGS1 app? Thanks! -Ben

    1. If you still have it on your old phone you could try to transfer the OBBs and the APK and install it on your new phone manually. As long as your new phone has the account you’ve bought the game with, the license check should pass.

  4. Is there anyway to download the game pre-update? I didn’t realize that the reason my game was not opening was because of the update, so I uninstalled it thinking that re-installing would fix the issue. Now I’m unable to play the old version at all. Is there anything I can do to fix this? :C

    On a side note, thanks again for all your hard work, team! Your work does not go without appreciation.

  5. I was hoping to finally play this during quarantine for the first time. I even bought the Play Asia gift card and all 🙁 I guess I’ll just wait a little longer.

    Eternally grateful for the work that you all do! Waiting for updates on bated breaths

      1. Programming/patching, I am a software engineer, if there are any compatibility issues occurring, I would love to help out you guys since you have done such a wonderful job with this game and would love to give back somehow . I trust you have this in control but if another set of hands would help please let me know👍

  6. Hi there uwabami!
    Any news on a patch for fixing this bug introduced in the latest release?
    Thank for your work.

    1. If you mean the PlayStore update, it’s not a bug. They updated the game using a new framework and compiler, which basically means we have to redo all the binary patches.

  7. I just got the game downloaded and I can’t use the patch because of this. Will you get this fixed soon?

  8. Any update on when the patch will work with the playstore update? I’ve been checking back here pretty much every day since the Google Play update.

      1. Alright. Thanks for replying, and thanks for even doing this at all. I’m not learning Japanese any time soon so without this I’d never get to play it.

  9. I purchased the game recently so I suppose I won’t be able to play in English. I tried playing in Japanese, I don’t understand a thing. Thank you for all your hard work, it must be very hard. I hope this gets fixed and if that doesn’t happen at least I can watch videos of the game in English! I think we are all very grateful.

      1. May I get a status report on the patch getting fixed? I wanted to catch up on A Japanese Attorney in Queen Victoria’s Court over the quarantine, but I can’t, and still can’t!

  10. Hey what’s up.

    loving the translation patch for DGS. been playing it now .
    just wanted to say thanks for the hardworks you’ve done and its really amazing where the game didn’t get a localization but we’re blessed to have this amazing translation team.

    looking forward for the complete episode patched for DGS2.

    Take care and stay healthy.

  11. Hey guys, just wanted to jump in and add to what everyone was saying. What you guys are doing is amazing, and we couldn’t appreciate it more.

  12. Hey, any chance of news soon? Still looking forward to playing DGS2 on mobile and being able to play DGS1 again.

  13. I really wish for an estimate of when the Full Translation will be done so that I can finally livestream this masterpiece!
    Other than that, keep up the insane amazing work!!

    1. Sorry, we don’t do estimates. It’s a volunteer projects, so we don’t know when it will be done either.

  14. NNNNOOOOOOOO I changed device and I can’t patch now. I shouldn’t have put off playing the game after completing the first few episodes. :'(

    Appreciate the work you guys are putting in and looking forward to the OBB patch.

  15. I just stumbled upon this website.

    What an awesome work. I can’t wait for you to figure out how to solve this problem and I am looking to play the ‘missing games’.

    Thank you very much for doing the work that a certain company should have done.

  16. Hey, I want to express how grateful I am for the hard work all of you have put forth for us.

    I’m just curious if there is going to be any updates on the new Android patch as I still cannot use IrisMobile to patch the game. Thank you so much!

  17. We appreciate you!!! thank you for translating DGS and DGS 2 and even better not localizing it but actually translating it to keep the universe the same trying to make the jokes and the terms accurate! true to the game! you gotta let us return the favor SOMEHOW

  18. Hello, just wanted to ask if there is an update to this issue. I appreciate your work and I can’t wait to play the first chapters 🙂

  19. Hi, what’s the plan for AAI2 on android? Just a straight porting of the existing fantranslation? Or will you adjust it a bit more? The translation is good, but another pass could polish it up even more. Hell, I think the names are one of the things that could be improved the most. Been workshopping the names as a thought exercise, and I think quite a few could be improved even if your goal is the same pun. Some others I think different names would fit better. Can send my ideas if you like.

    Other than that the translation’s only ‘issue’ as I said is that it could be spruced up a bit. In parts its a bit formulaic/repetitive due to the Japanese source material. Can’t pinpoint any examples off the top of my head, but you know what I mean. Stuff like “can’t be helped” and “something something, after all” showing up more than a few times.

    Still if the plan is just a straight port, it’s all good, the translation is quality despite my gripes. And there’s still a bunch of work editing the sprites and images which are now high res.

    1. Right now the script is literally copy-pasted from the NDS version. We will probably set up a repo just like for the other games and fix typos and grammar, if anyone of the old team wants to improve the script, they’d be welcome to do so (it was a different team that did AAI2).

      Since the translation is not ours (we did get permission to use it though), I’m not sure it’s our place to make substantial changes.

      1. I understand. It’s a bit too little too late for stuff like this it seems. I doubt anyone is interested in reworking parts of the english script, because if they did, they had all the time till now to do just that. C’est lavie.

        Did manage to replay the game(AAI2) in the meantime, so I have a more exact idea of the issue I mentioned, aside from “can’t be helpeds” and “after all”s. At times it feels like the translated text is a bit roundabout in saying something straightforward, it feels weirdly detached or witless at those times. I’m guessing it stems from the original japanese wording. Once again, specific examples are already gone from my mind though. It’s the type of issue where you can be completely anal and change a bunch of the lines to be more punchy or trying to nail a certain flow for the game’s script while playing. Basically another localisation pass for the script, which at this point is well unreasonable, it’s a lot of micromanaging english. Legibility is completely fine, and the current script does well in matching the official ones’ style. My ‘issue’ is really nitpicky at it’s core.

        Names do kinda tilt me though. Managed to workshop some decent improvements/new ones. Would love to share it with them. (And it’s not like official AA didn’t have names that got to me, Roger Retinz is a stinker.)

        I’ll say, I think you guys did a fine work on GAA’s english script. I could pick nits like I could everything else, but the overall impression is that this type of issue I kept yacking about feels far less prevalent. Atleast, it didn’t bother me more than a little.

  20. hey, you guys are heroes. because of you I got to play one of the best and most memorable games ever. DGS1 has my favourite OST and cliffhanger ever. I’d be happy to wait 2 more years knowing that the translation would inevitably come out.

  21. Hey guys, just finished playing DGS, it was such a great experience. All of your work is amazing, and it’s great that we can experience this without the language barrier thanks to all of you guys’ efforts.
    Thank you so much, keep up the amazing work, and I hope anyone who is in quarantine is doing well too.
    Here’s to the wait for DGS2! I know it’ll be great too.

  22. Just want to say that i am really grateful for all the hard work you guys are doing. Cant wait to play the full dgs2 translation. It is the last game i need in my ace attorney game collection so im waiting patiently

  23. I need to express my gratitude for your dgs1 translation, such fantastic work and it has become one of my favourite games.

    Really hopeful dgs2 will come out at some point!!

      1. Are you going to be able to release a post soon on how far along the translation project has come? Finished DGS1 last week and really excited for the sequel!

        1. DGS2-3’s initial translation is at ~90%. Note that 100% does not mean ready for release – there’s more than just translation to this.

          1. Thanks for the reply the translation project can take as long as needed to make it the best possible. Glad to see the pandemic hasn’t interrupted things too badly or indefinitely.

  24. Just finished the first game. It took a while to hook me in, but was totally worth it.

    I loved to experience it and it’s all because of your combined efforts. Thank you very much.

    Looking forward for your continued efforts towards translating the sequel.

    You’re all Great.

  25. Poor Uwabami reading constantly: “So when is the problem on android gonna get fixed?” and knowing it doesn’t depend entirely on them. That said, I bought the game today after struggling for days (it’s so complicated) and I didn’t know about this problem. I hope it can be fixed soon though, best of luck and thanks for all your work!

      1. I think what they are referring to is the problem on android that you wrote about in the post above in March.

        1. Ah, it’s not a translation problem though. The binary patches have just not been fully ported to the new release yet.

  26. What kills me is that I was on chapter 3 slowly getting through this game because I knew you guys were hard at work and doing great with the sequel. Now the update for the play store comes out from Capcom and it crashes constantly. Very frustrating. I’m not the type to watch this series on youtube either. *sigh*

    Hope you guys are staying safe at least.

    1. There should be no change in stability as long as you don’t install the update (which will render the patch completely unusable for now). Updating Android could have an impact however, depending on the vendor. The PlayStore update will fix this though.

        1. It’s coming, I know it’s been a long time but we haven’t forgotten about it. We never gave a timeline though.

        2. Hitted–I like how you assumed ‘entitlement’ from 8 words. Classy.
          Also, given it’s been said updates were coming ‘soon’ several times, I just assumed you had run into some unexpected problems. Good to hear if that’s not the case.

  27. Y’all are fantastic, I’m really looking forward to playing these games once the patch is out! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  28. Hi! Sorry to bother you. Will the android patch fix still be released, even with the Capcom hack thing? I was already partway into the game on your translation and I would like to continue it 🙂

  29. I just found out about this website, i was so hyped up even before the release in 2015 but eventually gave up TT_TT thank you so much for doing this. Then i’ll be patiently waiting for the fixed patch! <3

  30. Any updates on the fix? Sorry for being impatient, I’ve been refreshing every day since March hoping for the new patch 🙁

    I appreciate all the hard work you guys do, wouldn’t be able to play this game to begin with without y’all

  31. If I Know Any Of You Guys Irl

    I Would Give you guys the biggest hug i could thank you for letting us experience the absolute gem that is DGS1 and you already started on DGS2 yall are Amazing Thank You

        1. DGS1+2 have been removed from the 3DS eShop, the Apple AppStore and Google Play. This does not affect people who have already bought them.

    1. They did the same thing a year ago with the “2” from the logo of the game. And then released first two chapters shortly afterwards. So I have my hopes up

  32. So we are 11 days away from this post’s Birthday, are we getting something to celebrate?

  33. Now he’s not even transparent anymore! Very interesting, I hope it means that we might get the remaining episodes sometime this spring/summer, but it seems more likely that just the third episode is completed, but anyways I’m looking forward to it with high anticipation, and I can’t thank you guys enough that you have given us this opportunity to experience these two great games.

    1. I think it’s okay to be a little more optimistic about this than just expecting one episode lol. You can get a lot done in a year, even a year like 2020

      1. I was wrong! But I guess ep 3 is really long or something. I hope ep 4 doesn’t take a whole year haha

  34. I just want to say you people are awesome. You all have produced amazing work and that is something to be proud of.

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