PlayStore updates

PlayStore updates

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CAPCOM has pushed updates for both DGS1+2 on PlayStore today to address changes in the GooglePlay service, screen issues on certain devices and unspecified further issues. This breaks our patch, please don’t update and/or patch until further notice while we investigate.

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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for translating the first one and I’m willing to wait for the full translation of dgs2. Means a lot that this is being translated in the first place since there doesn’t seem to be any future plans of an official translation of dgs1-2 from capcom at the moment. It’s a lovely fan translation and as an ace attorney fan, thank you again.

  2. Words cannot express from the bottom of my heart how thankful I am for the fantastic translation work and transition to the Android version you’ve all put for the first Dai Gyakuten Saiban game. Although I understand this situation with the recent updates has got to mean the team must be pretty busy with optimizing both games’ Android ports I wanted to give thanks for all the effort you’ve all put in these complicated times and am very eager to play your current stunning translation work of the second game once the Android version has been optimized. Thank you again for all your hard work!

  3. Hello and thanks for the all the work y’all have put into this project! I had the game and patch installed on an old phone but just installed it on my new phone, so as you pointed out the patch isn’t working. Does anyone know of a way to install an old version of the DGS1 app? Thanks! -Ben

    1. If you still have it on your old phone you could try to transfer the OBBs and the APK and install it on your new phone manually. As long as your new phone has the account you’ve bought the game with, the license check should pass.

  4. Is there anyway to download the game pre-update? I didn’t realize that the reason my game was not opening was because of the update, so I uninstalled it thinking that re-installing would fix the issue. Now I’m unable to play the old version at all. Is there anything I can do to fix this? :C

    On a side note, thanks again for all your hard work, team! Your work does not go without appreciation.

  5. I was hoping to finally play this during quarantine for the first time. I even bought the Play Asia gift card and all 🙁 I guess I’ll just wait a little longer.

    Eternally grateful for the work that you all do! Waiting for updates on bated breaths

      1. Programming/patching, I am a software engineer, if there are any compatibility issues occurring, I would love to help out you guys since you have done such a wonderful job with this game and would love to give back somehow . I trust you have this in control but if another set of hands would help please let me know👍

    1. If you mean the PlayStore update, it’s not a bug. They updated the game using a new framework and compiler, which basically means we have to redo all the binary patches.

  6. I just got the game downloaded and I can’t use the patch because of this. Will you get this fixed soon?

  7. Any update on when the patch will work with the playstore update? I’ve been checking back here pretty much every day since the Google Play update.

      1. Alright. Thanks for replying, and thanks for even doing this at all. I’m not learning Japanese any time soon so without this I’d never get to play it.

  8. I purchased the game recently so I suppose I won’t be able to play in English. I tried playing in Japanese, I don’t understand a thing. Thank you for all your hard work, it must be very hard. I hope this gets fixed and if that doesn’t happen at least I can watch videos of the game in English! I think we are all very grateful.

  9. Hey what’s up.

    loving the translation patch for DGS. been playing it now .
    just wanted to say thanks for the hardworks you’ve done and its really amazing where the game didn’t get a localization but we’re blessed to have this amazing translation team.

    looking forward for the complete episode patched for DGS2.

    Take care and stay healthy.

  10. Hey guys, just wanted to jump in and add to what everyone was saying. What you guys are doing is amazing, and we couldn’t appreciate it more.

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