Welcome to our Scarlet Study

Welcome to our Scarlet Study

Hello, and welcome to the Scarlet Study website!

If you’re here and you’re confused, scared, thinking things like “Where am I?”, “What’s a Scarlet Study?”, and “Why is there red everywhere?”, don’t worry. We can answer 2 of those questions.

Scarlet Study is a group of people who create English fan translations of Japanese video games. Hard-working and dedicated, we are non-profit and we do not condone piracy.

Our first project, Dai Gyakuten Saiban (DGS), is a fairly unfamiliar title for North Americans and Europeans, but not for the Japanese. It is a spinoff from the main series of games known as Gyakuten Saiban. This series is more commonly referred to by its Western title, Ace Attorney, which is developed and published by Capcom. This spinoff has not been released outside of Japan to this day, and its sequel, Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2, will likely share the same fate.

Odds are though, if you found this website, you already know this. And you’re probably disappointed. Or angry. Now, you might be thinking, “Why Capcom? Why hath thou forsaken us? Dost thee detest revenue?”. Maybe the words you’re using are less… graceful. Still, believe us when we say this: Capcom loves money. Crazy, right? Yeah, it is crazy. “If they like money so much, why haven’t they localized the game outside of Japan?”, you might ask. While we have several speculations, first we have to talk about the game’s setting and characters.

As the other Ace Attorney games took place in the modern era, it was relatively easy to Capcom for localize them as taking place in America, rather than Japan. It was as simple as changing ramen to burgers, as some would say. However, DGS takes place during the Meiji Era of Japan (sometime around 1868-1912). One look at the game and you can tell, this title is extremely Asian in nature, more so than previous entries. Thus, a localization is probably a bit more of a hassle than Capcom would like. The game does change settings from Japan to the Great British Empire later in the story, but we’ll get back to that later.

After the release of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the 4th game in the main series, sales of the game series seemed to slow outside of Japan. Capcom tried many different things to bring sales back up, but as evidenced by the game becoming digital-only in the West, it just wasn’t selling as well as it used to. This isn’t the only spinoff of Ace Attorney not to make it outside of Japan, as Gyakuten Kenji 2 (Ace Attorney Investigations 2) was also Japan-only. A side note, some people who did the fan translation for that game are also a part of Scarlet Study. Just a cool tidbit. It’s a really good fan translation too, check it out. Anyway, sales could be a reason why DGS has not released outside of Japan. Now let’s talk characters.

As mentioned earlier, the game’s story does eventually go to the Great British Empire. There we meet lovable characters such as Hart Vortex, Oscar Fairplay, Gina Lestrade, Iris Watson, Sherlock Holmes… wait, what? Sherlock Holmes? Yes, this game heavily features various elements from the Sherlock Holmes stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This includes themes, characters, and even direct excerpts from the books. As a matter of fact, Scarlet Study is a reference to A Study in Scarlet, the title of the story in which Sherlock Holmes first appeared. Now you still might be asking, “How are they allowed to do that? What about copyright?”. Well, that’s messy to talk about. This is the part of the blog where I link you to the full FAQ elsewhere on this website where that and several other questions can be answered. But the main point is, Capcom might not be ready to throw down with the Conan Doyle Estate in a courtroom.

After all is said and done, it is mostly all just speculation. Capcom has never revealed why they haven’t released DGS outside of Japan. So how will people around the world experience this game? That’s where we come in.

We worked very hard with people from all around the world, breaking the game down to little pieces and building it back up. We’ve tried our best to remove all Japanese text from the game’s script and graphics, without sacrificing the integrity of the game’s original setting or characters. They will still have Japanese names and they will still do Japanese things. As a matter of fact, the spoken dialogue is still Japanese too, as we currently have no plans at the moment to dub the game in English. Now, if you are the type of person to be revolted by Japanese culture in video games, well first of all, why? Second of all, please give this a chance. This release is for the first Episode of the game, and it has the same Ace Attorney charm that everyone knows well. We promise you will not be disappointed.

Earlier in this post, we mentioned that we do not condone piracy. As such, the official release of this patch will only work on a real physical copy of the game. Please support Capcom so that they can keep developing great games like this. More details on our stance of anti-piracy can be found in the FAQ section. Patch installation instructions can be found here.

Before we end this post, we want to say thank you. Thank you to Capcom for continuing to develop fantastic games in this series. A special shout out to FTI (Fan Translators Inc) for lending a hand to us on the technical side of things. This wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. Another special thanks to the Ace Attorney Discord server  for promoting us and having a wonderful community. Thank you to everyone who has helped us in the past, despite not being with our team anymore, you were all a great help and we are extremely grateful. A huge thank you to the current members of the team who have been working hard every week to make this a reality. Personally, I have been on this team since last Spring and it has been a phenomenal experience since then. I’ve watched the fan translation grow into what it has become today and it has certainly become a beautiful thing. As well, we would like to give future thanks to you, for giving us a chance to deliver this game in a way that can be accessible to those without Japanese knowledge. All of our supporters, you give us the motivation to keep on going on with this every day.

One more huge thanks and congratulations to Capcom for continuing to develop and publish games from this amazing series, today is truly an amazing day for Ace Attorney fans around the world.

We look forward to future episodic releases, and maybe one day, Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2.


P.S. We are currently looking for new members. If you are interested in helping us, please go to this form.

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  1. Hello! What’s the quickest way i can know/be notified of the next episode/case release? Should I keep checking back on the download page, or is there elsewhere i can look, or is there maybe a way i can be notified somehow? thanks for all that you do!

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