Is there a Discord?
Our team server is members only, but you can join:

Ace Attorney/Court Records at: https://discord.gg/hR7mmrn

Some of us hang out there regularly, as well, but please make sure to read their rules about spoilers e.t.c. when joining.

Will it be like AAI2’s fan localization?
Not quite. We will change puns and jokes so that they make sense in English, and there are only a few ancestors of familiar characters which will not be changed for the sake of keeping the original story intact. Continuing the “Americanizing” that Capcom have done for the rest of the Ace Attorney games is fairly impossible for this game. Also: many names in this game are references, like characters in Sherlock Holmes novels, changing them would mean losing those.

To be clear: none of the main series characters you know and love appear in this game. None. The game wouldn’t be any different if it wouldn’t have been released under the Ace Attorney brand. It’s a spin-off.

Will there be an English dub? / Do you need voice actors?
Not right away. We are considering to make an optional (as in: you can chose if you want it or not) English dub, but at a later date. No need to ask if we need voice actors, though. Members have first dibs and if we need VAs from outside, we will announce it in advance.

Will the game work with an Emulator like Citra?
No. And we won’t support this use-case. Buy the original Game Card and use it on your real 3DS.

Can I help?
Yes, we are currently recruiting! You should be aware, however, that we will NOT take any testers. We’re also good on graphic editors.

Fill out this form if you’re interested. You will need a Discord account and your abilities will be tested.

What is the progress so far?
Episode 1 is released, and Episode 2 is nearing completion, though it needs a lot of polishing.

When will other episodes be released?
Short answer: When it’s done. We do have work/school to attend as well as family and other obligations. This is a hobby. There is a lot to be done to deliver a presentable release, we’re working on it.

How will it be released?
We are expecting to have an episodic release pattern. The patch will require an original DGS Game Card and CFW (we recommend Luma3DS via B9S). This patch is not available for HANS.

To install CFW, install this: https://3ds.guide/

Read it thoroughly before you start and do not experiment if something doesn’t work as expected. Ask on GBAtemp or the Nintendo Homebrew Discord for help.

Where can I buy Dai Gyakuten Saiban?
Without giving a direct link, you can easily find sites like play-asia.com, ebay or probably amazon.co.jp and search for “dai gyakuten saiban” or “大逆転裁判”. DGS1 is currently going for ~$40 / ~€35 (+shipping).

Do you have any friends outside of the team you’d like to thank?
Yes! We would like to thank Fan Translators, Inc. for helping us with several tasks. Without them, we would be nowhere near a release today. We would also like to thank Team If for hosting us at the beginning of our project.

Why can’t I use my legally purchased eShop copy of the game?
We have decided to implement an anti-piracy mechanism in our patch. To patch your game, you need a physical copy. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this!