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Note: Make sure Luma3DS is up to date.

  1. Start GodMode9 (on Luma3DS/B9S – hold START while booting your 3DS and choose GodMode9)
  2. Get a decrypted CIA from your Game Card:
    • [C:] GAMECART
    • 000400000014AD00_v00.3ds
    • NCSD image options…
    • Build CIA from file
  3. Get the Dual Destinies font (you can skip this if you’ve previously dumped the font archive for our Demo release):
    • [A:] SYSNAND SD
    • title
      • EUR Full: 00040000 > 000F1E00
      • EUR Demo: 00040002 > 000F1E01
      • USA Full: 00040000 > 000F1400
      • USA Demo: 00040002 > 000F1401
    • content
    • NCCH image options…
    • Mount image to drive
    • romfs
    • archive
    • UI_cmn_eng.arc
    • Copy to 0:/gm9/out
  4.  Extract the archive with the patcher and the IRIS file to a folder on your computer
  5. Transfer the following files from your SDCard to the folder you extracted the patcher and the IRIS file to:
    • sd:/gm9/out/000400000014AD00_v00.cia
    • sd:/gm9/out/UI_cmn_eng.arc
  6. Rename UI_cmn_eng.arc to dd_font.bin
  7. Double-click PATCH_DGS.bat (maybe it’s only displayed as PATCH_DGS on your computer) to generate DGS_Episode1_Update.cia
  8. Transfer DGS_Episode1_Update.cia to your SDCard and install it with FBI
  9. Run The Great Ace Attorney from your Game Card – sorry, the Banner can not be translated via Game Update, but the e-Manual is (partially) in English 🙂