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The Return of the Great Departed Prosecutor, and the State of the Study

The Return of the Great Departed Prosecutor, and the State of the Study

Screenshot of Miles Edgeworth putting on his jacket, from Ace Attorney Investigations 2

“Hurry! Contact the High Prosecutor’s Office! We need that man… Miles Edgeworth… If there’s anyone who can save this franchise, it’s him!”

The year is 2023 AD. The Ace Attorney series is entirely available on modern platforms. Well, not entirely… One small indomitable game still holds out against localization.

Hello everyone, and welcome to a belated update from Scarlet Study, which I have the pleasure of writing this time around. We have some exciting if unusual news to share – unusual in that it is news, which we haven’t been great at giving lately, and unusual because this time we’re showcasing a project from outside the bounds of Scarlet Study.

As eagle-eyed fans have already noticed, the long-running project to bring the classic fan translation of Gyakuten Kenji 2 to Android has finally come into fruition. So please enjoy this launch trailer for Ace Attorney Investigations: Prosecutor’s Path on Android, put together by project leader Mr. Akrasr.

If you’ve been following this team’s efforts, you know this has been a long time coming. Early efforts go back to 2018 when Uwabami and onepiecefreak joined forces with Auryn, the original Prosecutor’s Path project lead, to reverse engineer the Unity port of the game. Work continued under hacking wizard an-error. However, as the DGS project took priority and a pandemic happened, progress came to a halt – that is until Mr. Akrasr, whom you may know for his Russian fan translations, offered to take over.

His team, which includes graphic editors Dzin Icaoka and Leff as well as another former Prosecutor’s Path team member in Anthiflo, was the driving force behind this new release and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

The release comes with an installation guide which should allow anyone to purchase a legitimate copy of the game and apply this patch. Gyakuten Kenji 2, as it is formally known, is a special game and we hope this release allows a new set of players to discover it in glorious HD.

Not so fast…

We would be remiss to end this transmission without an update on our main endeavor, that is the Great Ace Attorney translation project. In 2021, a few months after we released our latest translated chapter (DGS2 Episode 3), Capcom brought The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles to consoles and PCs worldwide.

While we kept a low profile to allow this official release to get all the attention it deserves, there’s no denying it brought some incertainty to this project. In the end, it relies on a passionate team contributing their free time, and a great motivational factor was lost when the goal to see a complete localization for these games was essentially reached.

As team members moved on or became unavailable, work on the next two cases continued sporadically thanks to the dedication of translators Roseheart and peary with help from Teekro, okaykei and, as always, BenjiD, Hyarion and Rahky. However, the burden of keeping the momentum going is too much for one person to take up at a time, and progress ultimately stalled.

As it stands, Episode 4 is translated and the bulk of the work is in proofreading, inserting and testing the translation. It’s clear this can only happen with a proper team dynamic, which is why we’re looking for contributors to help the project get back on track. Specifically, the roles would be:

  • Translators – We’re looking for people to help check the translation for any errors, and validate the finished scenes. There are also scenes to translate in Episode 5. Therefore, you should have a level of Japanese equivalent to N2.
  • Editors – The main skills we’re looking for are proficiency in English and a passion for creative writing. You would be inserting the translation into the game’s scripts while making sure the lines sound natural and fit well into the overall style. As of 28 September 2023, we are all set for editors!

Head over to our application form if you’re interested in helping out, we’d love to see some new faces!

It has been heartwarming to see an influx of positive notes on our original translation, and fans asking for it to be completed. It remains our goal to provide a way to play in English to those who bought the game on 3DS and Android, and if we were the betting kind, we’d wager your support helped The Great Ace Attorney become the sleeper hit it is today.

Thanks again for your patience and support for this team.

Happy New Year! ~ A Little Update

Happy New Year! ~ A Little Update

Four months have already passed since our simultaneous release of Episodes 3 and 4, and we thought it about time to give a little update to signal the new year. Unfortunately, we have no new release today, but we thought it worthwhile to give some rough plans for the immediate future.

We’re happy to announce that since the last release, the script for Episode 5 has been mostly completed! It’s still in the process of undergoing fixes, but the initial translation is all complete. What is mainly left to be done for 1-5 is video editing, graphic editing, and beta testing, but our team is working tirelessly to get it out to you as soon as possible, so please bear with us. In the meantime, however, as translation works separately to what is left to be done, translators have already started getting their mitts on DGS2 until DGS1-5 is as it needs to be.

Now that we’re in 2019, there are three main things we want to achieve before 2020 rolls around:

  1. Finish off DGS1, of course.
  2. Make big progress in DGS2.
  3. Carry out auditions for the English Dub of DGS.

The first is rather self-explanatory, so let’s just jump into the second point, shall we?

(We’re hard at work, as you can see.)

2018 saw four new translators added to Scarlet Study (including myself), which has already helped with our pace, but DGS2 is a bigger game than DGS1, so it will still take some time. While we can never guarantee what may happen to our members as time goes by, we still would like to aim to get a good little portion of DGS2 out to you before the year ends. We hope you can enjoy it just as much as the first game!

Just so there are no uncertainties, we will be releasing it the same way as DGS1, episode-by-episode rather than a full game release. On top of that, applying the patch will work the same way as for DGS1, so there’s no need to worry about the possibility of a new complicated process.

Now to get a tad bit more in-depth about the voice acting.

First, apologies for the long wait — we know that many of you have already expressed interest in auditioning for a role since it was mentioned in the post back in July (and we’re happy that you are!), but we’ve been so busy with both real life and working on the main game that it’s been difficult to dedicate as much time as we would like to it. Don’t worry, though: we’ll be releasing a separate update when we’re ready for casting, so keep an eye out!

An important thing to note concerning this is that there will be a number of characters who are in both games where the lines to be voiced will no doubt spoil DGS2, especially the main cast. Therefore, if you plan to audition for the role of a main character (or, perhaps quite obviously, just for a DGS2 role), you will have to be okay with DGS2 spoilers. There is always the possibility that something may happen to the person we have casted for a character that appears in both games, and so the voice actor can’t return for DGS2 – having both sets of lines recorded at once guarantees that something like this will not become an issue.

That will be something we address in more detail when we open up for casting, however, so for now, please look forward to the release of Episode 5! We hope to have it out to you all soon!

We’re still alive!

We’re still alive!

TL;DR: The translation is not cancelled, in fact we’re making great progress on future Episodes, but we need some more time.

It’s been half a year since our last release. Some of you have been asking us through different channels whether or not this project has been cancelled. It has not, in fact we’ve been very busy and have some surprises in store for you guys later this year. We’ve hinted on this very page as to what they might be.

So what’s the holdup?

Well, to be frank: we were about to release Episode 3 about a month ago. It has been polished and beta tested by some of our friends and we even went and fixed many errors you guys reported (and some we found ourselves). We’ve improved the interface further and some screens look much nicer now than they did before. While working on one of our surprises to release along with Episode 3, we’ve encountered some issues that were not easy to fix with our resources. This confronted us with the choice to either delay Episode 3 until we were able to fix this or release Episode 3 and turn the users of our patch into “beta testers”.

Before we were able to reach our decision, a dear and valued member of our group disappeared. It has only been two weeks and other members have disappeared before; but even though we would be able to make a (slightly bumpy) release without him, it just wouldn’t feel right.

Obviously we still hope he’ll return to us soon and in good health, but until then we’ve decided not to release Episode 3 for now and instead concentrate on Episode 4 and some other things we’ve put aside for a while now:

  • We’re currently in the process of changing the fonts in the game, which sounds much easier than it is. We will have to fine-tune and adjust UI and dialogue to make it fit. This is to remove the requirement of the Dual Destinies font and to finally give DGS a more fitting typeface.
  • Preliminary work on the (optional) dub has begun. More on that in a bit.
  • Our toolset needs to be improved to better support our translators/editors in their work and to streamline our testing procedure for all of our new projects/platforms.
  • An alternative to our current patcher for 3DS is close to being ready for public use.
  • Some additional editing to give the characters’ lines more personality (we’re not rewriting what they say, but try to match their personality better in how they say it).

This will keep us busy until our friend makes his return. Translation and editing is chugging along independently from this, as different people are working on that. Episode 4 has recently passed 50% status and we’re strongly considering a double release, since Episode 5 is very long and will take considerably more time to finish.

As mentioned, we’ve begun preparing for the English dub for DGS. This will be optional for the player, you don’t have to use it if you prefer Japanese. We’ve already reached out to some people we’d like to voice certain characters, but we didn’t have much luck yet. If any of you guys knows how to best reach ProZD besides e-mail, we’d absolutely love to talk to him.

We know some of you would love to participate in the dub and DGS has much more lines than AAI2 did. That’s why we’ll hold a casting in which anyone can participate, but we mostly need people who can do a convincing British accent (native speakers have an advantage, of course). Not all characters are British though, so others can certainly apply. The conditions (like having a decent mic) and manner in which we’ll conduct the casting will be announced shortly.

Last but not least, we’re re-opening member applications for some positions (if you’ve applied to us before, you can try again now):

  • We can always use people with skills in reverse engineering, specifically ARM assembly. If you don’t know what this means, you don’t qualify.
  • Translators. Since DGS has some tricky passages, you should be at least at N3 or equivalent. Applicants will be tested.
  • Creative Writer. As mentioned, we’re trying to match the character’s personality better in their dialogue while still remaining true to the original. If you’re interested, we will give you a sample passage to improve to assess your skills and determine if you’re what we’re looking for.

That’s it. Sorry to disappoint the people who expected this to be a release post, we promise to deliver as soon as we can.

Update July 24th: We’ve recruited enough Translators and Creative Writers now, thanks! Oh, and our friend returned safely.